Custom build a pool filter box to your exact style, size and design needs.

No need to settle for some fixed-size or 'doesn't fit' cover for your pool pump, we can design and build exactly the size you need in beautiful Cedar Timber or last-forever aluminium.

The warmth and beauty of Red Cedar timber will add a 'classic' feel to your landscaping. is aluminium, it just looks like timber! Aluminium covers, either 'timber look' or Black or White, will be maintainence free for years and years.

We can solve any problem

- noise - tight space - pipe in the way - annoying mother-in-law...

Is pump noise your problem?

We can line your box with 12dB rated noise absorbing insulating foil for a quieter backyard.

Need a Back Panel?

Most covers don’t need a back because the cover is against a wall or a fence but, if your’s does need one, we can solve that problem.

Cut outs and Cut arounds?

Many Covers need Cut Outs for Downpipes, Fence Rails, Existing walls….all sorts of stuff.
We specialise in ‘little challenges’ like this, just give us a call and we can talk you through it.
We’ll probably just need a photo and a few simple measurements. Call us on 0428 182 957
We’re also experts in Sloping Sites, Corners, Hard-to-get-at Spaces and other deviations.
Or if you need a solid back, that can be done too
Fence Rails? - No Problem - We can cut out for them.
Retaining walls? No Problem - We can cut out for them.
Tight Corner? - No Problem - We can solve that for you.
Pool Heater Close by? - No Problem - We can solve that too.

Need us to install it for you?

No problem – we can deliver and install your cover for you
(ah, South East Qld only sorry…)
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Stained or Raw?

Cedar in it's natural state... ready for you to Paint or Stain.
Protected with 3 coats of Weathershield Outdoor Stain.
(Naturally, this only applies to cedar timber covers
aluminium covers come already powder coated.)

Need easy access?

We can solve that for you. Our Innovative lift-off barn door gives you easy and unemcumbered access from knees all the way to the back.
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find original images

Need side access?

No problem – we’ve got you covered.
Now you see it...
Now you don't...

Don't like bending over?

No problem – we can build you a walk in pump shed.
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The ultimate 'she shed'!